My name is Christopher Cumings, I'm from Ketchikan, and I'm running for the opportunity to serve Alaska in the U.S. Senate. 



Thank you for visiting my simple website.  My campaign is about substance, not style.  If you are looking for lots of worn out cliches, on a slick homepage, I am not the candidate for you.  If, however, you believe Congress needs to be filled to the brim with "regular" people - like you and me - people who are genuine, progressive, with legit street cred; people who know what it's like, who know the struggles we face each day, who can relate to our daily grind...  

Real Alaskans understand their place in the world...  I've been slapped around by life hard enough to know what existence is really all about, and I've worked hard enough, that I've earned the right to be fiercely proud of who I am today.  I'm trying to channel the painful experiences of my past, and the lessons I learned along the way, into a force for good, as best I can.

If you are looking to give your support and your vote, this election, to a different kind of candidate, one who speaks a different kind of political language, and has a unique perspective on the problems we face as a state and as a nation, read on...


Embrace different...

Why not? How well has running the same kind of candidates, EVERY federal election cycle for the last 20+ years worked out for you Alaskan Democrats?  Why do you think this race will be any different, especially considering all the chaos in the world?  2020 is supposed to be the year a bland, uninspiring, uncreative, Third Way, Road System moderate finally wins a statewide election? 

People beg for someone relatable, who they can identify and connect with.  Someone exciting, passionate, someone who cares.  Someone who knows what it's like.

The Senate doesn't need any more privileged, wealthy, entitled doctors, lawyers, semisuccessful businessmen and women - wannabe 1%er's.  It needs people like us, who are average, humble, resilient, and hard working.  People who have fallen hard and worked themselves back up, people who know what it is to want, how it feels to go without....


Check out my very first attempt at a campaign video!  It took me a minute to get going, watch it all the way through, if you can! 

Looking back... I should've probably cut my hair first, we were deep into lockdown when I made this!


I hate the mixture of money and politics, but the reality is, we can never fully eradicate it's influences.  Still.... It's hard for me to justify asking for money for my political campaign when so many people are suffering...  I don't know what the answer is.  

If you have a few extra dollars, please considering contributing to the cause....

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